Hits Radio

The Biggest Hits, The Biggest Throwbacks

Blip, boop, bleep. The waveform is coming...

Sponsor credits equal money. They also equal 🥱.

The Solution? We’ve created 10, 10 second custom music beds reflective of current pop music production trends — round bass synths, stacked saw’s alongside formant shifting, lush reverbs and subtle melodic treatments. Complete with custom sound design to match.

Click to hear skip to each in the montage: Capybara, Dakota, Duotone, Prismo, Falling, Purple Python, Ride It, This Isn’t Real, Roses, Vibey.

Each piece contains creative vocal production designed to be combined, mixed, shifted and edited to fit a variety of sponsor credit and show name lengths.

Flexible. Modern. Creative.

A fresh lick of paint didn’t quite feel enough for what we wanted to do. So we worked with wizzFX to knock through the kitchen, build an extension, landscape the garden then give a fresh lick of paint. The result was a package that truly pops out the speakers, bringing pace and bags of energy to our station sound. They sound awesome.

Joe Thomas, Head of Production

Watch this closely for session settings…