Rock FM

Real Music for Real People

Blip, boop, bleep. The waveform is coming...

Estonian radio station Rock FM wanted fresh, modern and punchy music alongside a unique sonic identity to help launch their new Morning Show. 

The answer? Bespoke music for use as a show intro, another for use in promotional activity as well as 3 more for News, Weather and Travel. All were built around a brand new 3 stab sonic identity incorporating the station name: ‘Rock FM.’

All this work was then used with their local station voice over to create the various audio branding elements needed.

I did not had chance to thank you yet — so thank you. 😊 The production is great!

Meelis Tõrv – Program Controller

Morning Show Intro and Theme
Morning Show Promo Intro and Theme
News Theme
Weather Theme
Travel Theme
3 Note Logo