XS Manchester

Manchester's indie rock and roll station

Blip, boop, bleep. The waveform is coming...

Targeting 35-54 year olds, XS Manchester music focuses on classic anthems, Britpop and the best guitar driven hits of the 00s and today.

A new sonic platform.

All voiced by Gabriella Ashcroft, we worked on capturing the essence of the playlist crafting elements and work parts out of guitar noise, crowd atmospheres, and drum hits all to evoke the energy needed. This work can easily be heard in Breakfast ID’s, In to Breaks, Station ID’s and Weekend ID’s.

Continuing development on this theme, we constructed Out of Breaks (Example 1, Example 2) with key matched music montages to help define and punctuate the playlist.

And we pushed it further.

This package culminated in custom themes featuring a 5 note Sonic Motif (paced to match Gabriella’s reads) for News, Weather and Travel. This motif also forms a part of the Breakfast theme appearing in the Top of Hour and in Promos.

It sounds MEGA

Those are truly the real words used by folks at the station. So is this:

We’re delighted to have worked with WIZZFX on the new station sound for XS Manchester. The whole package fits the music perfectly and reflects the energy of XS. It’s a great way to kick off a new year and with so many elements to work with, XS’ station sound is a living and breathing part of the branding.

James Wilson, XS Manchester Content Manager

Hype Video? Ok: